Ultimate Pancakes


Today over 50 million eggs will be cracked worldwide to celebrate the 1000 year old tradition of Pancake Tuesday. Yes, the one day where you can get your hands on the sweetest and richest nom all day long. But whats the most seductive topping? Does Butter make a better batter and is ther any hope for some succesful flips too? Continue reading


Feed Your Brain!

It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting colder, college is nearly done, and that sweet turkey dinner is only a stone’s throw away. The only thing between us and the endless Christmas days is the matter of exams. Unless you have everything sorted, you will be running around like a headless chicken to finish it all. But, did you know you can eat yourself clever? Continue reading

Cooking terms made easy

While most of us can get a round a dish, few of us have knowledge around basic cooking terms. Although, it’s perfectly okay, there’s no harm in understanding a few techniques. Today, we are looking at some of the most common terms which students see all the time.  So, if you sometimes wonder about getting the right bite in pasta or the difference in simmering and boiling, you would want to stick right here Continue reading